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As home deliveries & take-outs become the first preference for customers, remind your diners you care by putting their safety first with 'Diner Care Kits' - a quick-use set of safety essentials in the 'new normal' world. Offer your customers the safest dining experience beyond just contactless delivery

Face Mask

  • Made of 100% Cotton fabric

  • Triple-layer Safety with   Melt Blown Protection

  • Soft Ear-loops

  • Re-usable and Washable

  • Custom Branding

Sanitizer Sachet

  • 65% IPA v/v

  • FDCA Approved formula

  • Easy to carry packaging 

  • 1.2ml sachet size

  • Easy tear, anti-leak

Sanitizer Wipe

  • 70% IPA v/v

  • Single-use Disinfectant wipe

  • 6'' x 8'' size, ample spread

  • Skin-friendly Glycerin formulation

  • Customizable Packaging

Message Card

  • Cheerful messaging 

  • 4'' x 3'' size

  • Branded for distinguished recall

  • Fully customizable design

Customize Your Own Kits

Let your diners enjoy their home-delivered & take-out meals with an added layer of safety, and most importantly peace-of-mind. Whether you're a restaurant, a hotel, a coffee shop, or a cloud kitchen, customize the 'Diner Care Kits' to suit your brand's specific requirements. 
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