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Restaurant merchandising plays a key role in marketing your brand and building your brand image. Products such as    T-shirts, Mugs, Badges, Caps, Glasses, Keychains, etc. act as excellent merchandise items for your customers to buy and bring home something from your restaurant. It acts as a supplemental revenue source and contributes towards a successful sales strategy.​

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​The benefits of such merchandising extend beyond just selling the merchandise; it makes a loyal customer commit to your brand, even more, thus solidifying his opinion of your restaurant and making him your brand's ambassador. It acts as an excellent opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing between a loyal customer and a potential customer. They also make for an excellent giveaway at your promotional events and parties and thus advancing your brand through merchandising.

​Also, what the merchandise is should reflect your restaurant. Depending on the type of restaurant, you can offer the following items to your customers as merchandise:

Cafes & Lounges: T-shirts, caps, badges, coasters, coffee mugs, beer mugs and glasses with cool designs and your brand logo.

Fine-Dine Restaurants: Wine & Whiskey Glasses imprinted with your brand logo.

Quick Service & Delivery Restaurants: Caps, Badges, Fridge Magnets, Keychains with your brand logo and messages.


Simply let us know your brand specifications and we'll help you to design in a snap

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